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Is water backing up into your basement?

Question: cleaning service?

Got this from a neighbor, and I can seriously relate: Just a quick question. I’ve taken a part-time job and we are becoming inundated with dog hair and dust. We need to find a cleaning service and need your recommendations or warnings. My offices uses River City Cleaners and I’ve seen them on their bikes […]

Question: Fire on Home Street?

There was a fire at an abandoned house on Home St in the early morning hours on Sunday, June 5th. Does anyone know what happened?

Question: limo at Westminster Canterbury?

I’m curious about the large limousine that was at the entrance of Westminster Canterbury on Monday (May 30th) afternoon surrounded by chanting flagwavers. Anyone?

Question: the Knights of Brook?

Does anyone know why there are Knights doing battle at the corner of Brook and Bellevue on Tuesday nights? Should I build a catapult or perhaps a moat to defend my mini-fiefdom?

Question: what’s a good tailor on the Northside?

Question: looking for old film / photos of the Old Richmond Memorial Hospital

A question from a reader on this post: I know this is a long shot, but I’m a resident here at the Old Richmond Memorial Hospital, which is a wonderful place to live, I’ve been look for old photos and any old film that anyone may have to share. I’m looking to put together a […]

What are the Northside Civic Associations?

I get requests all the time for Civic Assoication contact information. I’d love to build/maintain a list of all the Northside’s Civic Associations as well as their contact information — assuming this list does not exist somewhere else. Does a list like this exist? If not, and you know the contact information for your Civic […]

Question: Any good Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities?

From a reader: I was wondering if you could post a quick blurb on North Richmond News to see if anyone in our community knows of volunteer opportunities this Thanksgiving. My fiance and I live in the Bellevue area and we’d like to help out and participate somehow this Thanksgiving. Thanks.

Know anything about 3008 Letcher Ave?

A reader asks: My cousin, who is older and lives Richmond, but isn’t computer literate, asked me if I could find out if there was a Highland Park Neighborhood Association or something similar. She used to live at 3008 Letcher Ave. and was driving by there within the last year and saw how someone had, […]

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