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Late evening at the old Azalea Mall

Failed Tetra auction a bad sign for Northside development?

Richmond BizSense ran an article last week about the failed auction of some Tetra Companies properties by Village Bank. The foreclosed properties include about 18 acres made up of 116 small parcels near Brook Road and Hillard Roads near the Belmont Golf Course…There are also about 22 acres of undeveloped land around the Brook Run […]


Still a wasteland


1983 Azalea Mall ad

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Michael Paul Williams tackles Azalea Mall

Azalea Mall: looking … better?

Photo by Phil Riggan.

What to do with Azalea Mall?

Photo by: Phil Riggan It seems like every six months someone realizes Azalea Mall is a big desolate wasteland and that we should probably be doing something with it. This time it is Rachel DePompa over at NBC12: The property is 48 acres of nothing but cracked cement, broken tiles, trees and weeds sneaking through […]

The desolate wasteland of Azalea Mall

Photo by Phil Riggan Phil Riggan has a great article about what used to be Azalea Mall over on NBC12. It’s been 15 years since the mall was torn down in favor of a giant expanse of empty pavement. bq. Azalea Mall opened in 1962 and closed in 1995 and is remains Richmond’s only mall […]