Barton Heights Baptist Church (undated)

One of the most impressive Classical Revival buildings of the Brookland Park Historic District is the former Barton Heights Baptist Church (1922, at 2700 Hanes Avenue). The building has been home to the First African Baptist Church since the early 1950s:

On February 22, 1953 the congregation voted to relocate after hearing the recommendations from the Trustee Board. The recommendations were to offer the existing building on 14th and Broad Sts. to the Medical College to Virginia for $60,000.00 and to negotiate with the Barton Heights Baptist Church for the purchase of their building at a price not exceed $80,000.00. The Barton Heights Church was acquired for the sum of $77,500.

John Murden 2010

John Murden 2010

TOP IMAGE VIA Rarely Seen Richmond


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