Ever have folks just straight up knock on your door and ask for money?

@RVACoffeeStain: I just had someone knock on my door asking for money. Anyone else on the Northside (Bellevue) ever have that happen?


  1. #1 • bb •

    ALL THE FREAKING TIME. it drives me nuts- and makes my dog foam at the mouth and destroy the house

  2. #2 • Mary •

    Yes! When we first moved in (Ginter Park Terrace) a woman came by claiming to be a neighbor. She had a story about her five grandchildren that had lice. I drove her to Kroger and bought the shampoo and cleaning supplies she needed. She promised to pay me back…and is still promising every six months or so, when she shows up asking to use the bathroom or needs money for bus fare (no, thanks).
    Other folks have asked for money for cigarettes (no), money to fill their kerosene heater (we went and filled up the tank ourselves), and taxi fare to get to work (paid the driver directly). Some might call us suckers, but we try to follow our instincts and help out when we can.

  3. #3 • Keli •

    Once…an older woman who said her car broke down and needed to plug in her nebulizer to administer a breathing treatment. Then, needed a ride to the bus stop, then asked for money for the bus. While I was glad to help, it was a bit freaky, especially when I had to explain it to my 4 year old.

  4. #4 • Karen •

    All the time..usually a story about needing gas for their car parked around the corner…and they need to get to work.

  5. #5 • FANrocker •

    Man, you guys need to learn the rules of the city: Never give money or cigs to people near your home. They know where you live, and they will come back.

  6. #6 • SEW •

    I don’t live in Northside but it happened all the time when I lived in Church Hill. Some had sob stories and others just asked for money. Once, a woman asked if we had anything to eat. I did have a couple of pieces of Ukrops chicken which I gladly gave her. She ate the chicken then threw the empty box back in my yard. I stopped giving people anything after that.

  7. #7 • SEW •

    I live in Forest Hill now and haven’t had anything like that happen for a year and a half now! Thankfully!

  8. #8 • Susan •

    Remember the Briley Brothers? (They have their own Wikipedia entry, if you don’t remember.) Ever since then, we do not open our door to anyone we don’t recognize.

  9. #9 • mike ganger •

    oh jeez go read the wikipedia entry on the northside’s briley brothers. Also think of the Harvey family. Its nice to think you’re helping out, and helping out is good. But at the end of the day when you give a handout to one of these people, it fuels the problem. Desperate people do deperate things from time to time. Next time it may not be an innocent ask for help. “The bliley brothers first attack occurred on March 12, when Linwood knocked on the door of Henrico County couple William and Virginia Bucher. Claiming that he had car trouble and needed to use their telephone” ….