Councilwoman Ellen F. Robertson announces attack on tree-killing invasive ivy vines in the Cannon Creek Greenway: First Strike Deployment

Easily the best press release headline ever.

The Honorable Ellen F. Robertson, Councilwoman, Richmond City Council, Gateway 6th Voter District, announces that the Riverine Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program will be heading up a full-scale attack against invasive ivy vines that can kill trees in and around the Cannon Creek Greenway.

On Sunday, the Riverine Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program will began removing invasive ivy vines from trees along the roadsides and embankments of the Richmond-Henrico Turnpike and in the north-south ravine that lies adjacent to the Turnpike.

The Riverine Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program’s Invasive Vine Removal Project will continue on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings until the project is completed.

All Highland Park Neighborhood residents, interested individuals, community groups, businesses, families, friends, neighbors, and organizations are invited to come out to help.

Volunteers are asked to bring pruning shears and are reminded to wear sturdy shoes or boots, gloves and clothes that are suitable for the temperature.

  • Sunday, March 24, 2013
  • Noon: Safety briefing and assignments
  • 1:00 PM until: Vine removal


  1. #1 • SBHresident •

    This tree killing invasive ivy actually extends all the way up to properties on Monteiro Ave. I am happy to see Councilwoman Robertson take some action since the City has taken no responsibility in clearing out the dead trees in the area.