Is water backing up into your basement?

Just got this in from a reader:

“Hey me and my friend who lives down the street both of our basements have water backing up into them. Can you get the word out and see if it’s just us?”


  1. #1 • Michael Hawke •

    at ladies mile and griffin – it’s not just you

  2. #2 • Ashley •

    Yep, we have a nice stream coming into our basement from where the water pools in the back yard.

  3. #3 • Catherine Dean •

    Yup, us too in Laburnum Park. Got flooding despite an alleged B Dry (not really, it seems) system in place.

  4. #4 • Karla Peters •

    Yes … Basements in the 2800 block of North Avenue flooded … City sewer line backs up into basement every time we have heavy rain … Get out the bleach and Lysol!

  5. #5 • Joan Kalyan-Curtis •

    I’ve been on the northside a long time–get your lines cleaned by someone like Stemle and you won’t have flooding, if your house is like mine. Used to be an inch of rain meant a lot of basement flooding, but now nothing. Have to do it every 3-5 years.