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DC Food Market seeking ABC off license

The DC Food Market at 402 West Brookland Park Boulevard applied for an ABC beer/wine off license on 2/13.


  1. #1 • Richard •

    EML…Not sure…but if we can block it, I think we should. It has been thorned in side of neighborhood for years.

  2. #2 • Karen •

    Previous owner is a federal fugitive…now living in another country..

  3. #3 • Karen •

    Contact Chris Hilbert your city Councilperson to voice your opinions..

  4. #4 • Shawn •

    What’s the problem with having a liquor license? I live very close by, and don’t see anything wrong with them selling a legal product. It’s not like you can’t go a few blocks in one direction to the BP or a few in the other to the Hanes Market to get booze.

    I don’t understand what could be the concern here.

  5. #5 • Richard •

    The previous owner allowed people hang and drink. And I’m tired of picking up empty bottles out of my yard.

  6. #6 • Shawn •

    I can understand that you don’t like bottles in your yard, but I don’t see how the previous owner has anything at all to do with how the current owner will deal with people hanging out to drink.

    I figured that you would have a better reason than that. That’s pretty absurd.

  7. #7 • Richard •

    You are right. But in less then a mile in any direction we have 9 ABC off licenses. So almost every near by corner becomes a open bar.