Jeff Bourne elected School Board chairman

From the RTD:

“There are complex and complicated issues in front of us,” said Bourne, the new member from the 3rd District. “I’m not naïve enough to believe that we’re always going to be in agreement, but I am confident we’re going put aside our personal differences.

Bourne was elected with a 5-4 vote, edging out 2nd District’s Kim Gray.


  1. #1 • Mary Nilssen, MA, RHIA, CRM •

    Hi Jeff: Congratulations for your election and great results to become the Chairman of the Richmond School Board. How can we connect? I have wornderful programs that help children, teenagers and adults become more effective. They were made by Leadership Management, Inc., a 50+ year old company that teaches participants how to get and keep life long success skills. These are never taught in the Richmond School System, that is why our students do so poorly and why our programs would solve these problems forever. Please advise how or when we can connect. Thanks, Mary P. Nilssen, MA, RHIA, CRM