Demolition on North Avenue

From a reader:

The old bowling alley..adjacent to the library….is coming down as I write….should be completely gone by dinner time.

I had heard from the planning commission that the problems within the structure were too costly to repair. What’s to become of the lot?…time will tell.


  1. #1 • Marti •

    I heard it was going to be a Dollar General…or something like that.

  2. #2 • jakes •

    Hopefully someone bought the lanes and equipment, that old stuff is awesome.

  3. #3 • northside •

    I hope it won’t be another depressing parking lot. There are already enough of those on that block.

  4. #4 • Scott •

    It is going to be a new Dollar General Store.

  5. #5 • Karen Link •

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    Rumor control has it also becoming a new and improved Family Dollar, as well as a church.

  6. #6 • northside •

    They’ve started building. Any idea yet what is going up?

  7. #7 • Scott •

    A new Dollar General store. The existing store is going to move across the street.

  8. #8 • northside •

    There is a Family Dollar across the street. I assume that’s what you meant. How did you figure that out? I’d like to know where to go for that kind of information.

  9. #9 • northside •

    Also, Scott, do you know where I can find out what the new building is designed to look like?

  10. #10 • Scott •

    The builders came to the Battery Park Civic Association to garner support for building the new building, which was given. I may be mistaken about the move from across the street.

  11. #11 • Scott •

    I just looked in the city website for existing permits and one does state Proposed Work: Install 137 Ft Of 10″ Pvc Pipe In Connection With A New Dollar General Store

  12. #12 • northside •

    Thank you, Scott.