Beware of door-to-door scams!

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports of suspicious door-to-door sales people in the neighborhood. From a reader:

This evening our house was approached by a man representing himself as being with Honeywell. He indicated he was in the neighborhood swapping out security systems, though he said he wasn’t selling anything.

My mother in law–who answered the door–did not let him in or provide him any info. He didn’t offer or leave a business card. She says he was wearing a uniform of sorts and he said he’d be in the area for a bit. She said he appeared to be going to other houses and was driving a van.

We do have an ADT sign in our yard, but we didn’t ask for anyone to service our house. In all it was extremely suspicious and we’re pretty convinced this was a scam to scope out houses for possible theft.


  1. #1 • anna g •

    He came by my house, too. He had Vector Security patches on his uniform, but wouldn’t leave a card.

  2. #2 • abellva •

    I ask such sales people if they have a license to sell security systems in Virginia. That scares them off.

  3. #3 • Scott •

    Same thing happened to me. I have ADT, Donovan told me my system needed a free upgrade. According to the literature, though, it would really cost about a grand. These people are contract employees of Vector, and have been brought in from out of state.

  4. #4 • Anne •

    They are working South Side, too. My husband reported that a girl in a pink lace top with no visible badges or paperwork knocked on our door and said she was with Vector and wanted to talk to him about home security. He told her he felt like he had that area pretty well covered. She said, “Yeah, you look pretty strong, I’ll bet you do, can I come in and use your bathroom?” He said that was a violation of his security policy and shut the door.

  5. #5 • sean •

    Has anyone had the door to door cleaner salesman with “proceeds to help the kids in the ghetto”? 5 mins ago. Hit me in byrd park area. Dressed in a suit. Pulled out a pen with the police captains name on it. He thought I was cray for not wanting his cleaner. I told him I could donate directly if he gave me a website. None available of course.