Twiggy’s Panamanian Caribbean American Cuisine

Here’s a quick review from RVA Lunch Special of Twiggy’s on Brookland Park Boulevard (anyone know the actual address?):

The only dish available at the time was the $5 chicken curry lunch special. We ate chicken curry. It included chicken, rice and beans and cabbage…Twiggy won me as a repeat customer. She’s a Jamaican grandmother who has owned the restaurant for more than a year. She’s cool.

Anyone else been to Twiggy’s? Thoughts?


  1. #1 • RVALunchSpecial •

    It’s at 212 W. Brookland Park Blvd.

  2. #2 • Fred •

    Went to Twiggy’s once and loved it. Tried going back 2 more times this week. Both times, there was a sign on the door that said “back in 20 minutes,” but there was no sign of life inside. This was at noon and at 12:30. Hope Twiggy is okay!