Friends of Bryan Park on the proposed Shirley neighborhood

Here’s the final version of the open letter from Friends of Bryan Park (PDF) about the proposed Shirley neighborhood. The neighborhood, while technically in Henrico, would border Bryan Park and result in the loss of seven acres of trees.

In a proposed plan being reviewed by the Henrico County Planning Department, 7 acres of those woods will be replaced by 42 modular houses, a density of 6 homes per acre. As explained by the Planning Department, the land will have to be clear cut to build a neighborhood of this density. We understand that the developer has approached the Richmond Department of Parks asking to use Bryan Park land as a temporary construction easement. According to the Henrico Planning Department, this easement would be used to construct a permanent ditch on a 20 foot wide stretch of what is now thick park woodland buffer.

Download the full letter here. (PDF)


  1. #1 • anna g •

    this can not happen!

  2. #2 • Emily Richardson •

    This is ridiculous. Please write your representative!!