Still a wasteland


  1. #1 • gdawg •

    We moved to Bellevue about 6 months ago (love it here). Passing the Azalea Mall property is always depressing. It is a location with great potential, but I’ve heard that some people would rather it remain in its current state.

    What would you like to see there?

  2. #2 • Ross Catrow •

    ANYTHING. I love how the Azalea Garden Center has set up a temporary/permanent structure there. I’d like to see more of that–stuff that wouldn’t require a lot of constructions and planning.

  3. #3 • Ross Catrow •

    Here’s a bonus pic of my kid ridding his tricycle through the massive waste-of-space parking lot:

  4. #4 • Justin •

    Who owns the land and how is it zoned?

  5. #5 • Ross Catrow •

    @Justin A developer in Atlanta owns the property ( Not sure what it is zoned, you’d have to look it up in Henrico’s system (which sucks to use):

    Part of the problem is that pieces of the area (those bordering Brook and Westbrook) are in the City, while the majority of the space is in Henrico.

  6. #6 • Scott •

    I think it would be a perfect spot for Richmond’s Wegmans.

  7. #7 • RichmondDoc •

    Street food court.

  8. #8 • Judy Anderson •

    Medical center; doctor’s offices; rehab, etc.

  9. #9 • David W •

    soccer fields,sports park.

  10. #10 • Scott Burger •

    Solar farm.

  11. #11 • Andy •

    Nothing send property values up like a Whole Foods – zero chance of that happening, though.

  12. #12 • Ben •

    carrying over from hills and heights hot topic- build a skate park.