14 burglaries in two weeks

From Lt. Corrigan:

Just wanted you folks to be aware of the increase in residential burglaries in your areas. Sector 412 has experienced 14 residential burglaries in two weeks, 9 of which have occurred in lower Ginter Park and Brookland Park. These burglaries are occurring day and night. The daytime burglaries are occurring when residents leave for work. The night time burglaries are occurring to vacant houses and houses under renovation. Please pass the word to your fellow neighbors and residents to watch out for each other’s properties.


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    I witnessed a man walking down my street checking car doors to see if any were unlocked. He got into a neighbors truck and then got back out. It was then that I realized he was up to no good. He continued to walk down my block checking other vehicles to see if they were unlocked as well. I got on the phone with the police and followed the man down the street. When he saw that I was following him he ran away. He was a black male wearing khaki pants. He was about 6′ tall wearing a dark blue shirt. I would estimate his age to be about 35 to 45. This is not the first time he has been spotted on our street. He was seen by my girlfriend engaging in suspicious activity a couple nights before. She saw him around 11:30 and I saw him around 12:30. Please keep your eyes open and be pro active in keeping this kind of activity out of our neighborhoods. Look out for your neighbors and do not hesitate to call the police if you witness suspicious activity. If we allow this kind of stuff to continue to happen in our neighborhoods I believe it will only get worse.

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    I forgot to include that I live on Greycourt between Newport and MacArthur

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    Trespassers will be shot,survivors will be shot again….