What are the Northside Civic Associations?

I get requests all the time for Civic Assoication contact information. I’d love to build/maintain a list of all the Northside’s Civic Associations as well as their contact information — assuming this list does not exist somewhere else.

Does a list like this exist? If not, and you know the contact information for your Civic Association, leave it below in the comments!


  1. #1 • Valerie Warshaw •

    Edgehill Civic Association is coming up to the times. We just set up a website earlier this year. Here’s the address:

    The email for the current president is:

    Our current president is Erika Wheeler

  2. #2 • David •

    check with Chris Hilbert’s office. He or Lisa, his liaison, may have a listing.

  3. #3 • Mike LaBelle •

    Here is the link to the Bellevue website

  4. #4 • MHH •

    Unquestionably is considered that major authority.
    These are the other one’s I am aware of. This is as good as I can offer.
    As was mentioned Edge Hill has a new one. Hope that helps.

  5. #5 • Ben • is the south Barton heights civic associations website. which by the way will be having its neighborhood meeting on dec. 21 @ the goal post on north ave- meeting at 6:15, I believe.

  6. #6 • Karen Martin •

    I live in Valentine Hills, which is kind of west and north of Bryan Park across from Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. If you want to contact me about the neighborhood, that would be fine. Our civic association is a little inactive, now.
    But, I was thinking about trying to get it going again.
    My mail address is: 2113 Buckeye Drive, Richmond, VA 23228
    (I live in the house I grew up in, so, I really am interested in the history of the neighborhood. I came across some old invitations to parties the neighborhood had before in the sixties, and it was a very active group.)

  7. #7 • Sandra •

    I live in the Lakeside area and I am also curious if there is a civic association for my area. I would love to get involved. When we moved into the area 3 years ago I tried to find one, but had no luck. I am very interested in becoming more involved with my neighborhood.

  8. #8 • Jared G •

    Which civic association would I be a part of if I live between west ladies mile and brookland park?

  9. #9 • David S. •

    The City of Richmond used to maintain this information back when there was a Dept. of Community Development. About a year ago, in attempting to obtain a list of all city civic associaitons and contact information, the staff ‘fessed up that they no longer maintain this information. I do have a (year old) list of associations and a map that shows the boundaries of about 150 civic associations city-wide – including northside. If Northside News contacts me throught the (not published email I provided) I will be happy to fill you in.

  10. #10 • TNL •

    Jared: north central can be reached at

  11. #11 • Monica M. •

    If you contact the city of Richmond Dept. of Community Development at 646-5633, they can provide you with a list of all the civic assoications in the city. List includes the name of the assoication, contact person, mailing address, phone number, email and council district. If you email me direct i can provide a 2009 copy, just in case they indicate they don’t have this information.

  12. #12 • Bryan Kelley •

    Bryan Parkway (neighborhood that borders Bryan Park to the North) has a Civic Association. They have a website:

    and also a Facebook account at

  13. #13 • Meta •

    You have the north Barton heights civic which is very inclusive to all who live in northside. The civic meets every 3rd Monday of the month @ 6 o clock @ the north Richmond library located on north ave. I hope this is helpful :)

  14. #14 • Carla Davis •

    Bryan Parkway Civic Association is active and thriving. Find us on Facebook or email Our annual meeting/holiday dinner will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 6-8 p.m. at Belmont Recreation Center on Hilliard Road.

  15. #15 • Mike LaBelle •

    Bryan Parks blog spot is dead, no one replies to it. Their facebook page is live however. The cities civic association list is still fairly accurate, although does not contain facebook pages or blogs for the most part. Bellevue is getting a new website soon, we have been working on it for a few weeks now.

  16. #16 • Mike LaBelle •